SimLab VR Collaboration

Multiple devices. Multiple participants. All in the same room.



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What is SimLab VR Collaboration?

SimLab VR Collaboration is designed to support your interactive VR experiences. 

Designed for many industry needs.

Vocational Training


Product Demos

How does VR collaboration work?

SimLab VR Collaboration works like any popular video conference platform. Here are 4 easy steps to get you started:

Create Your Own Avatars

Tweak and customize your own avatars. You can also choose from our library of existing avatars.

Import Your Own Models

View and interact with 3D models of your products, training sessions, educational experiences, and more.

Invented For Interactivity

You can either choose to use our templated environments or create your own interactive VR experiences.

Easily Invite Others to Join

Quickly invite other meeting participants with a click of button.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Run your interactive VR meetings on multiple devices; i.e. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Oculus Quest, Pico VR, and PC VR Headsets.


Made affordable for everyone.

VR Collaboration



Billed Annually

5 Users /session

VR Collaboration



Billed Annually

10 Users /session

VR Collaboration



Billed Annually

30 Users /session

* The maximum VR Collaboration session length is 240 minutes.

* Only the host needs to pay to use Pro, Business, and Enterprise license editions

* Monthly session duration is up to 90 hours


A VR package file is a 3D VR scene that has been created in SimLab Composer or VR Studio. It contains all of the scene elements of your project (3D models, textures, environment settings, interactive features, and package information). 

The vr package file can be opened via the SimLab VR Viewer, which is available for these following devices: PCs, smartphones, Macs, and VR headsets. The SimLab VR Viewer is the fundamental feature behind SimLab’s sharing capabilities, which allow you to upload, manage, and share your VR scenes.

To start a collaboration session, follow this guide.

To join a collaboration session, follow this guide.


When you create a SimLab Account, you’ll automatically gain access to all of SimLab VR’s free features, which includes: 

  • VR Cloud Pack
  • VR Studio
  • VR Collaboration (Free Edition)

With this free edition, you can invite up to one participant in you VR collaboration sessions, which can last up to 30 mins oer session, with a limit of 3 hours worth of meetings per month.

While you’re logged in to your SimLab Account via the SimLab VR Viewer, you’ll find some information about your storage capacity and file count next to your Avatar. For more details, click on this link.