Key Features

SimLab makes the VR creation process simple, seamless, and swift.

It is really one of the easiest VR creation platforms to learn. Not only is it user-friendly, but it comes with a ton of added features–ones you won’t find anywhere else.


3D Rendering

Create high-quality renders quickly with SimLab Composer.


Visual Scripting

Visual Scripting is one of the most powerful features in SimLab Composer–it gives you the ability to automate your work and create your own process through simple block building system.



Execute physical/mechanical simulations on your models, convert them into animations, and utilize them for your 3D/VR visualization needs.

Control Your Model Structure

Links and Joints

Forces and Power

Convert to Animation


VR Creation

Our solution is ideal for any individual or team. If you need to begin your VR creation process with an in-house developer or a designer who has no coding knowledge, you can quickly empower them to produce quality work within your project timeline.

Ready to Use Materials

VR Headset Support

Flex Bodies

Cloud Support

VR Guide

Texture/Light Baking



Bring your models and scenes to life with the help of our animation capabilities.

Animate Anything

Create Animation Sequences

Implement Flex Animations

Set Up Interactive Experiences and Animations


Compose Scenes

Customize materials, transform models, toggle visibility, adjust lighting, and arrange camera views–all within Composer.


Your Preferred 3D CAD Application

SimLab supports

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